CDC Keeps Travelers Up-to-Date on Health Issues: Federal Agency Provides Information for Tourists Going Abroad

The CDC provides information on everything from communicable diseases to workplace safety. It also has a section which deals with travelers’ health.

Once travelers have decided upon a destination, they should check in with the CDC to see what precautions they should take to protect their health while traveling internationally. The travel health section gives information ranging from what vaccinations may be needed, health concerns at destinations and what to take in a travel emergency first-aid kit.

CDC Bulletins on International Health Issues

Whenever a communicable disease breaks out somewhere in the world, the CDC’s website will have information for travelers on it. Recent bulletins covered the swine flu outbreak which started in Mexico, whooping cough in Australia, rabies in Indonesia and cholera in Zimbabwe. The bulletins talk about the recent outbreak, a history of the disease and what travelers can do to protect themselves.

CDC Website Covers Eight Main Areas

The CDC’s travelers’ health website is divided into eight sections:

Destinations. This section provides information such as vaccinations needed on more than 200 destinations around the world. The list includes countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and most everything in between.

Vaccinations. The CDC recommends that travelers of all ages be current on routine immunizations such as DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) and influenza. It also maintains a list of recommended and required immunizations which vary by the country to be visited.

Diseases. This relates to diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever, a traveler might encounter. It gives advice on how travelers can protect themselves, as well as what they should do if they contact the disease.

Illness and Injury Abroad. This section covers what to do if you get sick while traveling, and makes recommendations on what travelers should put in a first-aid kit.

CDC Also Offers Information in Book Form

OptingHealth. This is a website publishes with the latest health information for international travelers. The agency says it is intended primarily for health professionals, but travelers will also find it useful.

Find a Clinic. This is a list of state health departments and clinics which travelers can visit to get vaccinations and other travel health information.

Stay Healthy & Safe. This section provides information on mosquito and tick protection, making sure drinking water is safe and counterfeit drugs, among other topics.

References and Resources. This section provides links to domestic and international journal articles which deal with travelers’ health issues.

Traveling abroad can be a fun, educational and enlightening experience. But when disaster, such as illness or injury, strikes, the trip can turn ugly. The CDC’s website has tips travelers can use to protect themselves and keep their trip safe and happy.